Cold War Champions

CASE NO. 81-3001477

Field Report

Bethesda, MD

Investigate an assault. Carol Wheeler, wife of the Deputy Secretary of State. 5’3”, slender, blonde hair.
She was attacked sometime around 6:20pm, March 29th, Sunday on 4800 Block of Bethesda Ave. Investigate the scene, she’s already been sent over the National Navy Medical Center in critical condition.

Do not think it was a mugging – her belongings left behind. Attacker was a tall man, wearing jacket and hood, carrying a weird-looking sword though reports vary slightly. She was slashed by the man carrying the sword; abdominal wound. Detective Nick Johnson is on the case; local PD at the scene. Pool of blood, area cordoned off by police tape. Stretch of narrow streets, one lane in each direction.

Cortex MRs witnesses. Gets image of unusual sword. She immediately falls, his other hand reaches down and then he goes down alley Heather’s looking at. None of the witnesses can see attacker’s face. From memories, doesn’t look like she’s confronting him – no apparent verbal exchange but they were all far away so couldn’t hear it unless it had been shouted.

Timeline sees that he’s over 6’ tall (off the nearby door handle). Shape of his face/head is larger than normal. Could be a mask? Takes a necklace or something off of her (chain breaks); purse and shopping bag left behind. He goes back from he came from. Necklace appears to be gold, Egyptian designs.

Outlander can follow his scent. Goes 10’ in to gap and then goes straight up; most likely jumped 2 or 3 stories. Heather teleports them up to the top. See a few spatters of blood, but no other trail from here. Trace off to the east…appears to be jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

Timeline/Cortex go down alley where Big Head walked down before jumping straight up to roof.

East of Bethesda, there’s a park. Trail looks like he stopped to clean the sword on the grass. Went south/southeast to get to park, then turned south. Walked from this spot, but still can’t get a scent. Sticking to the park pathway, intersect with a paved trail, and lose scent.

All four of us arrive at the hospital, but she’s still in surgery. An assistant of the husband will run interference. MR time! He’s trying to think of who would do such a thing and why, but has no specifics. He did give her that necklace but no one told him it had been taken. He went to Middle East for work, brought his wife, spent time together when they could. When they were in Egypt, that’s where she got necklace. She was shopping, but wasn’t a gift him from him. (He’s got a little 20-something on the side.) King Tut exhibit currently in Germany; last time was in Toronto (1979).

Timeline asks for her personal belongings, but police have her purse. Scans her wedding ring, got a better image of necklace, but not much else. Bought necklace in some open air market in Egypt (not shady looking), not some fancy place. She figured it was a replica of some kind, made to look ancient otherwise would this random guy have it. She got a closer look at the attacker, thought it was a wolf mask. Just appeared, said nothing; no memory of necklace being taken. She gets out of surgery, stable condition.

Leave the hospital Monday morning. Make plans to talk to someone at Smithsonian (D.C.). However, our sleep is interrupted when pagers go off. Get maybe 3 hours of sleep. Suffering from lack of sleep. Gather at facility.

Bizarre attack at the hospital and the victim, Mrs. Carol Wheeler, is missing. Told to head back to hospital. Attacker described as some sort of “monster.” Hospital staff members (2) injured in the attack (nurse and orderly). Multiple witnesses describe the “monster” as some wolf-headed creature that jumped out of a 2nd story window. But Carol is now missing. ICU floor, every story is different.

MR-a-palooza! Interviewing multiple witnesses. Going for deeper thoughts. Muscular woman with a wolf’s head wearing a hospital gown. Her form is also taller than she was at 5’3” – now almost 7’ tall. Individual room, but no windows in the room. TIMELINE checks it out: over the course of a few seconds, she hulks out, then opens her eyes and makes a dash for it. Transforming while she’s asleep. TIMELIME heads to window where she jumped out. Looks for blood – nothing. Do find fibers. Can’t see past window view to see how she lands.

Follow her scent back to the same park where we lost the guy the day before. Take TIMELINE back to spot where we lost him on the pathway. Goes back about 12 hours, only 1 person who was on this trail or this spot. Can see enough of the face but not the Wolf-headed guy; walking shortly after the attack. He had stopped jumping around that time – maybe only changes shape during the day? Can continue to track her down the path – moving further into the woods.

Heather talking to Smithsonian guy. Primary Egyptian god is Ra. Anubis associated with mummification and the afterlife. Scarabs became popular, used as seals or jewelry. Heart scarabs used to protect mummies. Superstitions regarding things being stolen. Rumor of a tomb being looted; some pieces recovered, but not all. (cont’d)

(report cont’d below)
Find a building in the wooded area. Heather spots a scarab beetle hanging from a nearby tree and is convinced it is an early warning system.

The team spends a moment to buff up (Aid to SPD) and prepare for a fight. There are three opponents to deal with. The largest, carrying the sword runs away from the party. Heather teleports after him, but her glue gun shot goes wide.

Carol still has an animal head, but after being stunned into unconsciousness, she reverts back to her human form and does not look her age (in her 40s, now looks like she’s in her 20s).

The unknown male figure engages the party, but is quickly taken down.

MR Protocol results: Gerald Franklin, import/export person (only sometimes a smuggler). Just returned from Egypt on the most recent Friday (27th), booked passage on a cargo ship from Port Said. Lives in Newark, Delaware. Early morning hours before dawn, he was attacked in his home. Was attacked by a hooded figure wielding a sword. The other guy was giving him orders mentally. Then Carol showed up after he woke up – no verbal communication between Anubis and Carol. Just mental commands to go outside of the building and attach the party. Tim Jameson who learned about the site, got Franklin to smuggle them into the country. The tomb-robbing crew who helped Franklin smuggle them into the country each got a piece from the artifact cache.

Normal human we captured looks like he could be Egyptian.

MR Protocol: Helping Quareshi (our kopesh-wielding Anubis guy) – acting as interpreter of sorts. Arrived via cargo ship. Doesn’t really know a lot of about Quareshi. Things started getting weird the first day. When the sun is up, he transforms (during daylight hours, but not in direct sunlight). Quareshi has been sleeping here the last few nights.

Arrives before dawn, Franklin drags interpreter in. Transformation is more mystical than physical – takes no time at all. No physical communication.

Have phone number for Tim Jameson. Smuggled goods went to self-storage on the 28th (he arrived on the 27th), which we have the address for. Cortex calls Tim Jameson on the phone, saying he got the number from Gerald Franklin. Cortex persuades Jim to meet us earlier. He offers to meet later that day (1:30pm), which is earlier than originally suggested.

Go to the storage facility first. No alarm system, pick the lock, and see a crate (which looks like it had already been opened). Outlander carries the crate out of the facility to the car. Meet Jameson in DC coffee shop. We park in the back, near loading dock. Outlander smells Quareshi as he approaches, so isn’t surprised. Targets are neutralized after a brief skirmish. Some damage to a vehicle after Outlander is knocked back into it after being struck by the kopesh; some damage to the pavement in the form of footprints as Outlander barrels into Quareshi.

Scarabs are inside their bodies. Cut them open and scarabs crawl inside to heal and make them look younger. He has always had this ability to transform (he’s a super), he can control the scarabs. Took it upon himself to be the protector of the artifacts.

Build a case against Jameson. Go to meet him for Customs to investigate.

Carol and Gerald make a full recovery. The anti-aging effects do not go away. The scarabs will need to be removed surgically. They say they “destroyed” them (Note: Outlander not convinced).


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