Cold War Champions

CASE NO. BSR-001498

Field Report

Powell, WY

The team is assigned to investigate this disappearance of two BSR agents. Adam Tressel and Dina Lawler are non-SPB agents primarily responsible for registering new SPBs to the Superhuman Abilities Registry. The pair were last in contact with JASOC in Powell, Wyoming on their way to investigate reports of an unregistered SPB they had been tracking being spotted in the area. As of their last report, the two agents had arrived in the town and just begun their investigation but did not report any details about the unknown SPB. The team is tasked with finding out what happened to the agents and either assisting them in carrying out their mission or taking it over in the event that the agents cannot continue their mission.

The subject of the case is 14-year-old Kristin Benner. Kristin is the youngest of three children and recently ran away from home following an event in late May that seemed to indicate the manifestation of superhuman abilities involving fire. Two of her siblings were injured in the incident (one seriously). Prior to the event, her parents were outspoken against SPBs which possibly contributed greatly to her running away.

Upon arriving in Powell, the team checks in at the motel in which Tressel and Lawler were staying. The manager of the motel grants them access to the agents’ rooms. The rooms give no sign that the agents did not plan on returning. Additionally, the team finds the agents’ case files regarding Benner.

The investigation leads the team to a ranch just north of Powell. The ranch is surrounded by a 4-meter-high wall that resembles sculpted clay but is in fact solid stone. The dirt road leading to the ranch leads up to an arched opening in the wall. Carved into the arch (and appearing to have been made by two fingers writing in clay) is the word Dominion. Numerous 2-meter-high cones spaced 1 meter apart block the road. Beyond the opening, another 4-meter high wall blocks visibility into the ranch. Hand-carved into that wall are the words “No trespassing”.

Relay scouts the ranch, finding a ranch-style house, two dormitory-style buildings, and a large barn. The grounds house various livestock. Five trucks and one van are parked in a dirt lot near the house. Around 50 people are present within the ranch, including Kristin Benner. There is no sign of Tressel or Lawler.

Outlander attempts to enter the ranch invisibly but is interrupted by a telepathic voice admonishing him for trespassing. He orders the agents to remain outside the ranch and a greeting party comes out to meet them consisting of Prime (clearly the leader), Belle, Jed, Tank, and Void. Prime dismisses the team’s queries regarding the missing agents, simply telling them that the agents are not present in the ranch. Cortex attempts to use her Telepathic abilities but is unable to establish a mental link with any of them. It appears that one of them is protecting the others.

When the team asks to speak with Benner, Scanner and Candy bring the girl to meet them. She tells them that she is there of her own free will and wishes to remain. In the course of the conversation, the team gets aggressive and Prime quickly rebukes them. He tells the agents to withdraw or he will forcefully remove them from his property.


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