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Operation Report


Outlander Mission Notes:
March 18 – Get called in for mission with CIA. CIA operative (female; Code Name: Wren), deep cover in Thailand (socialite, infiltrating as minor functionary, her CIA boss is diplomat at Embassy), Ajna Syndicate and its relationship to the government. The Matador and ties to Syndicate. Assassination, powers may include infiltration and stealth. Five days ago sent message indicating she found out name of head of Ajna Syndicate. He signaled her immediately that he received signal, would have expected a response four days ago via dead drop. Deputy Director of Operations turned to JASOC to try and extract her. No State Dept action, nothing filed with Thai authorities.

Age: 26, Blonde, attractive, her first field posting. Mission parameters suggested they wanted newbie. Full CIA training, top 25% of class; just not experienced.

CIA can’t “officially” operate in a sovereign nation. Current Prime Minister has only been there a few years after a military coup and popular election. Being sent in covertly. The PM/General obsessed with martial arts and organizes underground matches a la Bloodsport. Given dead drop and contact info for her handler; liaison for CIA – might be able to get paperwork for us should we need it.

Plan of action:

  • Make it to shore unobserved.
  • Go to her apartment. Middle class area, somewhat dense. Not far from embassy. — Looking around her apt, looks like her sparse belongings, did not pack for an extended trip. Does have some high-end evening wear as well as day-to-day Embassy wear. Doesn’t appear that anyone has been here in a few days (based on Timeline’s PER); was last here later in the day she left the signal she knew who the head of Ajna was; was evening and putting on evening gown and heading off.
  • Checking the work outfit, takes us back. Didn’t go to embassy that day, was out doing nothing related to syndicate or anything that would lead us to how she found identity of Ajna head. Phone doesn’t get us any information.
  • Contact her handler via coded messages. Takes us to room where we can talk to him, while Cortex mind rapes him to establish mental contact. — She was trying to establish relationship with any high-ranking member of the government by attending any event she could. She went to State Dinner; not heavily attended. Another event that night: Friday night, cocktail event, dead drop Saturday during the day, then big formal event on Saturday night. Major event was held at Grand Palace (where PM currently lives).
  • How to get in to the Grand Palace? Timeline chats up CIA guy while the rest of the group discusses via Mind Link.
  • Teleport in and look around
  • Talk to someone at the party (have photos of all top members of the government).
  • Grand Palace does appear to be setting up for a new event – apparently it’s the fighting competition.
  • Tournament with 8 spots. 6 invited fighters; 2 free-for-alls (of around six fighters) to make a bracket. Welcome to Thailand takes place on Friday. Fighters are invited to attend Main event on Saturday if they win. Main event takes place on palace grounds but not in the palace. VIPs (about a dozen who are all known by sight).
  • First brawl on Saturday is 8 guys. Mostly schlubs. OUTLANDER wins second brawl is matched against Thailand’s favorite Muy Thai fighter (who’s here against his manager’s wishes).
  • Cortex mind rapes a member of the Ajna Syndicate. Prime Minister’s box is not LOS, so can’t MR from where she is standing.
  • Higher up thinks Ajna Syndicate is bad news and has someone in the government and it could go as high as the PM or someone else high up in the government. Could be influence/blackmail/membership, but he’s not sure. Could be any of them.
  • Mountain who rides wins first matchup. Norwegian dude (Anders)
  • Japanese Karate fighter wins another tournament
  • Cortex MR another higher ranking person. Thinks it’s Sec of Defense and turning a blind eye. Pisses him off b/c it makes Thailand look like a criminal country. Remembers seeing gorgeous blond American, but nothing specific. Might be okay to be seen in his part of the palace, but anywhere else would be unusual.
  • Heather spots bondage rooms near PM’s private quarters. She and Timeline teleport to the room.
  • Table with accoutrements spotted by Timeline and uses his psychometry since it appears to have been recently used.
  • About an hour ago, Wren was strapped to the table. The last person with her was some sort of “maid” – Thai woman or domestic – who unchained her and helped her dress. Looks to be under the influence of something. Looks disheveled. Timeline looks for DNA (hair, blonde).
  • Use hair for viewing – 45 or 50 minutes ago. Hair appears to have been older. Laying down, startled awake and hair gets caught on the table. Been chained on the table for more than 2 days, inject her in her thigh multiple times. PM has been in here, maid, people giving her injections appear to have training of some kind. When she’s not bound, there are armed guards.
  • Follow the scent to small room; Heather locates her there. She’s sitting right next to the PM, but there’s no food in front of her.
  • Heather contacts HQ and we are given orders to extract her quietly.
  • Outlander follows her and a Chinese male, who escorts her to a room down the hall. The door is closed, Outlander slips under the door while still invisible, then reforms into his solid state. He then uses his Eel’s Touch to tase him into unconsciousness.
  • Heather and Timeline bamf into the room, sedate her and bamf her out to safety.
  • No signs of injury. Take her back to our rooms, not Embassy; orders are to take her out the country via boat.
  • We all go to edge of town, but Cortex can’t MR her while she’s unconscious.
  • Thinks PM is the head of Ajna Syndicate. Went back that night to find out more about Matador; she said he’s international assassin, but didn’t say anything about Ajna. Interrogator (PM) didn’t seem to make connection and she managed to only say she worked with Embassy, not CIA. Chinese man who took her to the room was head of Criminal Organization who worked with Ajna to move drugs. Overhead member of security staff talking about Matador; snuck up to living quarters to where his room might be before getting caught by security.


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