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CASE NO. 81-3001215

Field Report

Bedford, IN

Lawrence County (IN) Sheriff Department Request for Assistance March 4, 1981.

7:42 AM March 2, 1981: Lawrence County Sheriff Department (Local Sheriff) receives emergency call from Johnathan Draves (reporting witness) reporting a body in a roadside field off Highway 37.

7:53 AM: Deputy Paul Roberts (responding officer) arrives at the scene and discovers corpse of Caucasian Male Gary Braun, age 26, identified by Nebraska driver’s license found among deceased’s personal effects. Responding officer reports no apparent cause of death but obvious injury to both eyes resulting in complete destruction.

8:41 AM: Dr. Bradley Sawyer (Medical Examiner) estimates time of death between 9:00 PM and 11:00 PM on March 1, 1981. Field examination reveals no cause of death. Medical Examiner reports no apparent cause/method of removal/destruction of victim’s eyes.

8:55 AM: Reporting witness released.

2:17 PM March 4, 1981: Medical Examiner reports detailed autopsy reveals no apparent cause of death. Detailed examination inconclusive related to missing eyes.

4:42 PM: Local Sheriff requests FBI intervention in the case.


Some text redacted from FBI report.

10:44 AM March 5, 1981: FBI investigators arrive on the scene. TIMELINE report: Retrocognitive viewing shows victim active sometime between 10:00 PM and 2:00 AM. Observed strange phenomenon related to victim’s eyes, which appeared to have strange grayish-purple smoke or flames emanating from them. After a period of intense activity, victim collapses in the same position as it was discovered by Reporting Witness. Viewing also shows the presence of a second individual present at the scene. This individual is between six-feet and six-feet-four-inches tall and wearing cold-weather clothing the prevented visual identification.

Investigator OUTLANDER discovered tracks likely belonging to the second individual leading toward Highway 37. Also discovered tire tracks on the shoulder of Highway 37, likely belonging to three-wheeled, all-terrain vehicle. TIMELINE Retrocognitive viewing confirms unidentified individual—likely male based on height and gait—rode three-wheeled, all-terrain vehicle away from scene on Highway 37 back toward Bedford.

12:37 PM: Examination of the victim’s personal effects revealed camping equipment, $372 in cash, and road maps of llinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. The Indiana road map appears to have been purchased at a service station on Highway 50 near the Indiana/Illinois border.

9:17 PM: Local Sheriff contacts FBI investigators to inform them that two additional bodies have been reported.

9:32 PM: FBI investigators arrive at scene of inactive limestone quarry where bodies were discovered. Chad Davis (16) and Michelle Cray (15) (Second Reporting Witnesses) discovered the bodies of Brian Parker (18) and Marcus Truford (17). Both victims are residents of Bedford and attend Bedford North Lawrence High School. Bodies exhibit apparent bone and tissue damage consistent with physical altercation with an unusual absence of blood loss.

TIMELINE report: Retrocognitive viewing reveals both victims displaying similar phenomenon as previous victim. Victims participating in physical altercation but not exhibiting normal human reaction to blows. Altercation continues until Parker collapses. After two to three seconds of inactivity, Marcus collapses. Unidentified figure from previous crime scene also present in viewing, similarly concealed by heavy clothing and darkness. Pushing perception further back in time, both victims seen diving Parker’s car with the eye phenomenon already occurring. Earliest viewing shows both victims in Parker’s residence.

Using Parker’s keys as a focus, TIMELINE views further back and sees both victims without eye phenomenon exhibiting normal human affect and behavior. They appear to be home alone in Parker’s family home. Eventually Parker walks over and opens the rear door to the house. A succession of projectiles impact Parker’s chest—visibly quite similar to the smoke/flame phenomenon observed on victims’ eyes. He reacts as if in pain but the projectiles do not appear to exert kinetic force. When Parker falls, similar projectiles strike Truford until he falls.

OUTLANDER acquires unidentified figure’s scent and is confident he will be able to identify the figure by scent.

7:00AM March 6, 1981: CORTEX, OUTLANDER, and TIMELINE interview Carl Thompson, coach of the Bedford North Lawrence High School basketball team. Thompson reports that students that are members of sports teams have permanent lockers while other students are not assigned lockers. OUTLANDER is unable to track the suspect by scent to a specific locker, but does confirm that the suspect was recently present. Thompson provides a list of faculty and staff with access to the locker room.

8:00AM: DR. CAFFEY interviews Bryan Lauder of Lawrence County Animal Control regarding recent reports of missing animals or animal carcasses without a clear cause of death. Lauder reports that he has not seen any recent increase in the number of missing animal cases or any unusual deaths reported.

The rest of the investigators attend the Bedford North Lawrence High School assembly in which the faculty announce to the assembled students the deaths of Parker and Truford. Visual surveillance of the gathered students fails to reveal anyone exhibiting an unusual reaction to the news.

11:00AM: The investigators are notified that a student Sarah York (16) was sent to the Vice Principal after her teacher discovered drawings celebrating the deaths of Parker and Truford among her possessions. CORTEX interviews York and discovers that she was the victim of a sexual assault commited by Parker and Truford in 1979. The only other person aware of the assault was her neighbor, Gordon Hughes. TIMELINE checks the attendance records supplied by school administration and discovers that Hughes is not at school.

11:30AM: DR. CAFFEY conducts surveillance on the Hughes’ residence and discovers that Gordon’s parents are afflicted with the same phenomenon TIMELINE witnessed in his retrocognitive viewings. The team teleports into the house and subdues the subject. The parents are already deceased.


Terri’s Case Notes:

General Notes —
—New team was formed. Can live on campus or further away – free to come and go. Like the fire dept., expected to be “on duty”
—Based in hangar at Andrews Air Force Base (In Maryland, not far from DC or Alexandria, VA; Arlington, VA little further away)

Date: Thursday – March 5, 1981
Got called in to the hangar. Issued fake FBI credentials. A body was discovered on the morning of March 2nd near newly abandoned pyramid replica outside Bedford, Indiana. Corpse was missing both eyes, but no clear cause of death – discovered maybe 12 hours after death (no more details).

Corpse was spotted by a truck driver, whose slightly elevated perspective allowed him to see it from the road. Body was just out there. Police have contact info for person who found it; long-haul trucker, but we took his statement and let him go.

Medical Examiner’s initial report – victim’s eyes removed but done so cleanly that the lids and optic nerve are still there. Guy was found w/ ID; Nebraska driver’s license (age 26, Caucasian). Personal effects on him, looks kind of like a drifter. According to his parents, he left home some time ago but they hadn’t heard from him in a few months.

Event viewed using Retrocognition: Victim is seen performing acrobatic feats while his eyes are glowing and smoking/steaming. After a burst of activity, victim drops to the ground. [Outline of victim’s location matches at the site matches Retrocog vision.] Suspect “seen” at site as well: Tall guy, wearing boots, picks up lantern but turns it down, then walks in a direction where he will intersect with the road. Between 10pm and 2am. Was watching the victim, who had grey/purple light coming from his eyes; then collapsed. Was victim dead before light in his eyes? Heat escaping from his eyes? May have already been dead when all this was happening.

Found tracks leading from site to road. Spotted 3-wheeler tracks. Most likely belonging to suspect. Storage container attached to back of vehicle, suspect turns on vehicle’s light, drives on road back to Bedford. (Site 9 miles from Bedford.) Found a map in his backpack from a service station near border of state near Highway 50.

Head to motel after following tracks as far as possible. Two (2) new bodies found near limestone quarry later that same night. Found just after 9pm, arrived at site around 10pm. Bodies with lots of blunt force trauma [“viewed” fighting each other]. Victims were 17 and 18 years old, lived in Bedford; quarry is hangout for kids in high school, but not on a Thursday night usually. People who reported crime are being interviewed, entire sheriff’s office is out here. Other high school kids found the bodies (were here to make out – apparently not horror movie fans); underclassmen, sophomores. Victims are seniors, on the basketball team, friends, popular at school. Neither known to be bullies, deputies thought they were good kids.

Using Retrocog again — victims seen beating on each other with their fists, but are taking a large amount of damage and not falling down. Driver punches the other guy, then drops, 2 or 3 seconds later the other drops. Neither was trying to protect himself from blows. Vacant expressions, no reaction to pain. Bruising on bodies, possible broken ribs, but no blood; bruises that are present suggests wounds were made post-mortem. Viewing continues — Perspective from outside their bodies, they were driving but eyes already smoking. In Bedford, go into driver’s house, then out of house but there the image stops. All happening within 3 hours. Using a different focal point — seen going back to the house, where 1 guy opens the door, gets hit by purple light, he stumbles back; the other guy comes to investigate, then he gets hit by multiple lights. Light and probable pain based on their facial expressions; they are then apparently animated. This is happening around 7pm (based on clock on wall seen). Driver’s house, Brian, and his friend, Mark. Driver’s father died some years ago, mother is a nurse, already notified of son’s death.

Suspect was there watching, had lantern which was pointed at and illuminating them, but can’t see him just like viewing of first victim’s scene. Suspect had strong, distinctive scent about him; could likely identify it again later.

Next step: Interview neighbors to see whether anyone had seen 3-wheeled vehicle or anything/anyone nearby. Vehicle itself is not that uncommon, but within the town itself may stand out more. No apparent connection between first victim, likely drifter coming through town, and two local boys.

CASE NO. 81-3001215
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