Cold War Champions

CASE NO. BSR-001498
Field Report

Powell, WY

The team is assigned to investigate this disappearance of two BSR agents. Adam Tressel and Dina Lawler are non-SPB agents primarily responsible for registering new SPBs to the Superhuman Abilities Registry. The pair were last in contact with JASOC in Powell, Wyoming on their way to investigate reports of an unregistered SPB they had been tracking being spotted in the area. As of their last report, the two agents had arrived in the town and just begun their investigation but did not report any details about the unknown SPB. The team is tasked with finding out what happened to the agents and either assisting them in carrying out their mission or taking it over in the event that the agents cannot continue their mission.

The subject of the case is 14-year-old Kristin Benner. Kristin is the youngest of three children and recently ran away from home following an event in late May that seemed to indicate the manifestation of superhuman abilities involving fire. Two of her siblings were injured in the incident (one seriously). Prior to the event, her parents were outspoken against SPBs which possibly contributed greatly to her running away.

Upon arriving in Powell, the team checks in at the motel in which Tressel and Lawler were staying. The manager of the motel grants them access to the agents’ rooms. The rooms give no sign that the agents did not plan on returning. Additionally, the team finds the agents’ case files regarding Benner.

The investigation leads the team to a ranch just north of Powell. The ranch is surrounded by a 4-meter-high wall that resembles sculpted clay but is in fact solid stone. The dirt road leading to the ranch leads up to an arched opening in the wall. Carved into the arch (and appearing to have been made by two fingers writing in clay) is the word Dominion. Numerous 2-meter-high cones spaced 1 meter apart block the road. Beyond the opening, another 4-meter high wall blocks visibility into the ranch. Hand-carved into that wall are the words “No trespassing”.

Relay scouts the ranch, finding a ranch-style house, two dormitory-style buildings, and a large barn. The grounds house various livestock. Five trucks and one van are parked in a dirt lot near the house. Around 50 people are present within the ranch, including Kristin Benner. There is no sign of Tressel or Lawler.

Outlander attempts to enter the ranch invisibly but is interrupted by a telepathic voice admonishing him for trespassing. He orders the agents to remain outside the ranch and a greeting party comes out to meet them consisting of Prime (clearly the leader), Belle, Jed, Tank, and Void. Prime dismisses the team’s queries regarding the missing agents, simply telling them that the agents are not present in the ranch. Cortex attempts to use her Telepathic abilities but is unable to establish a mental link with any of them. It appears that one of them is protecting the others.

When the team asks to speak with Benner, Scanner and Candy bring the girl to meet them. She tells them that she is there of her own free will and wishes to remain. In the course of the conversation, the team gets aggressive and Prime quickly rebukes them. He tells the agents to withdraw or he will forcefully remove them from his property.


Timeline contacts Outlander and Relay about a disturbing vision involving Cortex. He is confident that the vision is precognitive and is concerned for her safety. Timeline already confirmed with JASOC that she is not on a mission. Outlander then confirms that she is not on a mission for CIA either. They are provided with her home and office addresses.

Cortex finds herself tied to a chair in a dimly-lit and apparently vacant office suite. There is a male figure standing at the edge of the light. He appears muscular beneath a stylish suit and wears a featureless mask that covers his face. He has an accent but Cortex can only place it generally to Western Europe. Cortex tries a covert telepathic connection with him and fails. A second attempt without subtlety succeeds.

The man is the international assassin known as El Matador (real name Esteban Oriol). He knows she works for the US government but does not know any specific details about her status with CIA or JASOC. He has not yet identified anyone else on the team. He did not previously know that she was an SPB, but he figured it out after her failed attempt. He tracked her based on a description provided by the man she convinced to allow Outlander to join the tournament in Thailand and has been hunting her since a week after the completion of Operation: Caged Wren. The fact that Outlander disappeared following Wren’s rescue started him on the trail. Matador has seduced and/or interrogated four government employees from various agencies and subsequently killed all four. He is under orders from Ajna Syndicate to assassinate US President Ellerman in retaliation for US interference in Thailand, but does not yet have a concrete plan to carry out that mission.

When Cortex reveals that she knows about his mission to assassinate Ellerman, El Matador strikes quickly—delivering a vicious kick to her head that renders her unconscious (and results in multiple fractures). When she awakens, she is still tied up and can tell that she has serious but not life-threatening injuries. Her psychological evaluation of El Matador reveals that he is narcissistic and arrogant without any regard for human life. She also discovers that he is almost invisible in shadows and can go desolid.

When Outlander, Relay, and Timeline arrive at Cortex’s home, Outlander is able to follow her scent to a four story office building in a somewhat economically-depressed area. Half of the building is vacant, including the suite to which Outlander tracks Cortex. After Relay confirms that Cortex is inside, Outlander smashes through the door. In the ensuing fight, El Matador appears to strike a fatal blow to Timeline, only to have Timeline disappear an instant before the strike lands. El Matador does not stay in the fight very long, using his desolidification to slip into the ground and escape.

After reporting back to JASOC (and getting Cortex some medical attention), the team is assigned to the Secret Service detail protecting the President. Cortex is not permitted near the President and instead is stationed in an administrative area outside the Oval Office where she can “vet” all visitors. Outlander and Relay are assigned to the POTUS personal protection detail. Outlander takes the day shift and Relay the night switch.

During her assignment, Cortex picks up a stray thought about killing “all the freaks”—seemingly referring to SPBs. She recognizes the thinker as US Senator Kenneth Stauss (R-MI), a very senior member of Congress involved with many important committees, but cannot probe further before the senator leaves her line of sight (this occurred after the senator’s meeting with the President).

On the night of Friday June 12, Relay notices a figure walk through a wall in the White House. She quickly warns the Secret Service detail, teleports POTUS and FLOTUS to an area of safety, and then fetches Cortex and Outlander. Outlander impersonates President Ellerman to trap El Matador. The assassin enters the room and attacks with the blunt end of his weapon but Outlander’s defenses withstand the attack. Outlander attempts to use Eel’s Touch on El Matador but misses the agile assassin. Cortex launches a mental attack against him, making him mad enough to attack Relay instead. Relay’s taser attack misses him and a second Eel’s Touch manages to damage him a little. El Matador phases through the floor while Cortex and Relay teleport down to find him. They can’t locate him, so Outlander maintains the appearance of the president and stays in the bedroom. Eventually, he opens the door and is attacked by the waiting Matador, who focuses all his power into attacking Outlander, thinking he’ll kill the president. Outlander, having barely been scratched by Matador’s previous attack, does not drop his shape shifting against the incoming blade and is hit in the head. He falls to the floor, bleeding and unconscious and now on the brink of death. Cortex decides to take a chance by using her mental powers to entangle his mind since Matador is so easily able to phase through walls. Her plan works and he’s unable to move, allowing Relay to taze and subdue him. Relay is able to stabilize Outlander, which allows him to regenerate to full health. He makes a mental note never to maintain a disguise when faced with a deadly attack. The attack on the president’s life never makes the headlines and the team members each receive commendations from their respective organizations.

CASE NO. 81-3001477
Field Report

Bethesda, MD

Investigate an assault. Carol Wheeler, wife of the Deputy Secretary of State. 5’3”, slender, blonde hair.
She was attacked sometime around 6:20pm, March 29th, Sunday on 4800 Block of Bethesda Ave. Investigate the scene, she’s already been sent over the National Navy Medical Center in critical condition.

Do not think it was a mugging – her belongings left behind. Attacker was a tall man, wearing jacket and hood, carrying a weird-looking sword though reports vary slightly. She was slashed by the man carrying the sword; abdominal wound. Detective Nick Johnson is on the case; local PD at the scene. Pool of blood, area cordoned off by police tape. Stretch of narrow streets, one lane in each direction.

Cortex MRs witnesses. Gets image of unusual sword. She immediately falls, his other hand reaches down and then he goes down alley Heather’s looking at. None of the witnesses can see attacker’s face. From memories, doesn’t look like she’s confronting him – no apparent verbal exchange but they were all far away so couldn’t hear it unless it had been shouted.

Timeline sees that he’s over 6’ tall (off the nearby door handle). Shape of his face/head is larger than normal. Could be a mask? Takes a necklace or something off of her (chain breaks); purse and shopping bag left behind. He goes back from he came from. Necklace appears to be gold, Egyptian designs.

Outlander can follow his scent. Goes 10’ in to gap and then goes straight up; most likely jumped 2 or 3 stories. Heather teleports them up to the top. See a few spatters of blood, but no other trail from here. Trace off to the east…appears to be jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

Timeline/Cortex go down alley where Big Head walked down before jumping straight up to roof.

East of Bethesda, there’s a park. Trail looks like he stopped to clean the sword on the grass. Went south/southeast to get to park, then turned south. Walked from this spot, but still can’t get a scent. Sticking to the park pathway, intersect with a paved trail, and lose scent.

All four of us arrive at the hospital, but she’s still in surgery. An assistant of the husband will run interference. MR time! He’s trying to think of who would do such a thing and why, but has no specifics. He did give her that necklace but no one told him it had been taken. He went to Middle East for work, brought his wife, spent time together when they could. When they were in Egypt, that’s where she got necklace. She was shopping, but wasn’t a gift him from him. (He’s got a little 20-something on the side.) King Tut exhibit currently in Germany; last time was in Toronto (1979).

Timeline asks for her personal belongings, but police have her purse. Scans her wedding ring, got a better image of necklace, but not much else. Bought necklace in some open air market in Egypt (not shady looking), not some fancy place. She figured it was a replica of some kind, made to look ancient otherwise would this random guy have it. She got a closer look at the attacker, thought it was a wolf mask. Just appeared, said nothing; no memory of necklace being taken. She gets out of surgery, stable condition.

Leave the hospital Monday morning. Make plans to talk to someone at Smithsonian (D.C.). However, our sleep is interrupted when pagers go off. Get maybe 3 hours of sleep. Suffering from lack of sleep. Gather at facility.

Bizarre attack at the hospital and the victim, Mrs. Carol Wheeler, is missing. Told to head back to hospital. Attacker described as some sort of “monster.” Hospital staff members (2) injured in the attack (nurse and orderly). Multiple witnesses describe the “monster” as some wolf-headed creature that jumped out of a 2nd story window. But Carol is now missing. ICU floor, every story is different.

MR-a-palooza! Interviewing multiple witnesses. Going for deeper thoughts. Muscular woman with a wolf’s head wearing a hospital gown. Her form is also taller than she was at 5’3” – now almost 7’ tall. Individual room, but no windows in the room. TIMELINE checks it out: over the course of a few seconds, she hulks out, then opens her eyes and makes a dash for it. Transforming while she’s asleep. TIMELIME heads to window where she jumped out. Looks for blood – nothing. Do find fibers. Can’t see past window view to see how she lands.

Follow her scent back to the same park where we lost the guy the day before. Take TIMELINE back to spot where we lost him on the pathway. Goes back about 12 hours, only 1 person who was on this trail or this spot. Can see enough of the face but not the Wolf-headed guy; walking shortly after the attack. He had stopped jumping around that time – maybe only changes shape during the day? Can continue to track her down the path – moving further into the woods.

Heather talking to Smithsonian guy. Primary Egyptian god is Ra. Anubis associated with mummification and the afterlife. Scarabs became popular, used as seals or jewelry. Heart scarabs used to protect mummies. Superstitions regarding things being stolen. Rumor of a tomb being looted; some pieces recovered, but not all. (cont’d)

(report cont’d below)
Find a building in the wooded area. Heather spots a scarab beetle hanging from a nearby tree and is convinced it is an early warning system.

The team spends a moment to buff up (Aid to SPD) and prepare for a fight. There are three opponents to deal with. The largest, carrying the sword runs away from the party. Heather teleports after him, but her glue gun shot goes wide.

Carol still has an animal head, but after being stunned into unconsciousness, she reverts back to her human form and does not look her age (in her 40s, now looks like she’s in her 20s).

The unknown male figure engages the party, but is quickly taken down.

MR Protocol results: Gerald Franklin, import/export person (only sometimes a smuggler). Just returned from Egypt on the most recent Friday (27th), booked passage on a cargo ship from Port Said. Lives in Newark, Delaware. Early morning hours before dawn, he was attacked in his home. Was attacked by a hooded figure wielding a sword. The other guy was giving him orders mentally. Then Carol showed up after he woke up – no verbal communication between Anubis and Carol. Just mental commands to go outside of the building and attach the party. Tim Jameson who learned about the site, got Franklin to smuggle them into the country. The tomb-robbing crew who helped Franklin smuggle them into the country each got a piece from the artifact cache.

Normal human we captured looks like he could be Egyptian.

MR Protocol: Helping Quareshi (our kopesh-wielding Anubis guy) – acting as interpreter of sorts. Arrived via cargo ship. Doesn’t really know a lot of about Quareshi. Things started getting weird the first day. When the sun is up, he transforms (during daylight hours, but not in direct sunlight). Quareshi has been sleeping here the last few nights.

Arrives before dawn, Franklin drags interpreter in. Transformation is more mystical than physical – takes no time at all. No physical communication.

Have phone number for Tim Jameson. Smuggled goods went to self-storage on the 28th (he arrived on the 27th), which we have the address for. Cortex calls Tim Jameson on the phone, saying he got the number from Gerald Franklin. Cortex persuades Jim to meet us earlier. He offers to meet later that day (1:30pm), which is earlier than originally suggested.

Go to the storage facility first. No alarm system, pick the lock, and see a crate (which looks like it had already been opened). Outlander carries the crate out of the facility to the car. Meet Jameson in DC coffee shop. We park in the back, near loading dock. Outlander smells Quareshi as he approaches, so isn’t surprised. Targets are neutralized after a brief skirmish. Some damage to a vehicle after Outlander is knocked back into it after being struck by the kopesh; some damage to the pavement in the form of footprints as Outlander barrels into Quareshi.

Scarabs are inside their bodies. Cut them open and scarabs crawl inside to heal and make them look younger. He has always had this ability to transform (he’s a super), he can control the scarabs. Took it upon himself to be the protector of the artifacts.

Build a case against Jameson. Go to meet him for Customs to investigate.

Carol and Gerald make a full recovery. The anti-aging effects do not go away. The scarabs will need to be removed surgically. They say they “destroyed” them (Note: Outlander not convinced).

Operation Report


Outlander Mission Notes:
March 18 – Get called in for mission with CIA. CIA operative (female; Code Name: Wren), deep cover in Thailand (socialite, infiltrating as minor functionary, her CIA boss is diplomat at Embassy), Ajna Syndicate and its relationship to the government. The Matador and ties to Syndicate. Assassination, powers may include infiltration and stealth. Five days ago sent message indicating she found out name of head of Ajna Syndicate. He signaled her immediately that he received signal, would have expected a response four days ago via dead drop. Deputy Director of Operations turned to JASOC to try and extract her. No State Dept action, nothing filed with Thai authorities.

Age: 26, Blonde, attractive, her first field posting. Mission parameters suggested they wanted newbie. Full CIA training, top 25% of class; just not experienced.

CIA can’t “officially” operate in a sovereign nation. Current Prime Minister has only been there a few years after a military coup and popular election. Being sent in covertly. The PM/General obsessed with martial arts and organizes underground matches a la Bloodsport. Given dead drop and contact info for her handler; liaison for CIA – might be able to get paperwork for us should we need it.

Plan of action:

  • Make it to shore unobserved.
  • Go to her apartment. Middle class area, somewhat dense. Not far from embassy. — Looking around her apt, looks like her sparse belongings, did not pack for an extended trip. Does have some high-end evening wear as well as day-to-day Embassy wear. Doesn’t appear that anyone has been here in a few days (based on Timeline’s PER); was last here later in the day she left the signal she knew who the head of Ajna was; was evening and putting on evening gown and heading off.
  • Checking the work outfit, takes us back. Didn’t go to embassy that day, was out doing nothing related to syndicate or anything that would lead us to how she found identity of Ajna head. Phone doesn’t get us any information.
  • Contact her handler via coded messages. Takes us to room where we can talk to him, while Cortex mind rapes him to establish mental contact. — She was trying to establish relationship with any high-ranking member of the government by attending any event she could. She went to State Dinner; not heavily attended. Another event that night: Friday night, cocktail event, dead drop Saturday during the day, then big formal event on Saturday night. Major event was held at Grand Palace (where PM currently lives).
  • How to get in to the Grand Palace? Timeline chats up CIA guy while the rest of the group discusses via Mind Link.
  • Teleport in and look around
  • Talk to someone at the party (have photos of all top members of the government).
  • Grand Palace does appear to be setting up for a new event – apparently it’s the fighting competition.
  • Tournament with 8 spots. 6 invited fighters; 2 free-for-alls (of around six fighters) to make a bracket. Welcome to Thailand takes place on Friday. Fighters are invited to attend Main event on Saturday if they win. Main event takes place on palace grounds but not in the palace. VIPs (about a dozen who are all known by sight).
  • First brawl on Saturday is 8 guys. Mostly schlubs. OUTLANDER wins second brawl is matched against Thailand’s favorite Muy Thai fighter (who’s here against his manager’s wishes).
  • Cortex mind rapes a member of the Ajna Syndicate. Prime Minister’s box is not LOS, so can’t MR from where she is standing.
  • Higher up thinks Ajna Syndicate is bad news and has someone in the government and it could go as high as the PM or someone else high up in the government. Could be influence/blackmail/membership, but he’s not sure. Could be any of them.
  • Mountain who rides wins first matchup. Norwegian dude (Anders)
  • Japanese Karate fighter wins another tournament
  • Cortex MR another higher ranking person. Thinks it’s Sec of Defense and turning a blind eye. Pisses him off b/c it makes Thailand look like a criminal country. Remembers seeing gorgeous blond American, but nothing specific. Might be okay to be seen in his part of the palace, but anywhere else would be unusual.
  • Heather spots bondage rooms near PM’s private quarters. She and Timeline teleport to the room.
  • Table with accoutrements spotted by Timeline and uses his psychometry since it appears to have been recently used.
  • About an hour ago, Wren was strapped to the table. The last person with her was some sort of “maid” – Thai woman or domestic – who unchained her and helped her dress. Looks to be under the influence of something. Looks disheveled. Timeline looks for DNA (hair, blonde).
  • Use hair for viewing – 45 or 50 minutes ago. Hair appears to have been older. Laying down, startled awake and hair gets caught on the table. Been chained on the table for more than 2 days, inject her in her thigh multiple times. PM has been in here, maid, people giving her injections appear to have training of some kind. When she’s not bound, there are armed guards.
  • Follow the scent to small room; Heather locates her there. She’s sitting right next to the PM, but there’s no food in front of her.
  • Heather contacts HQ and we are given orders to extract her quietly.
  • Outlander follows her and a Chinese male, who escorts her to a room down the hall. The door is closed, Outlander slips under the door while still invisible, then reforms into his solid state. He then uses his Eel’s Touch to tase him into unconsciousness.
  • Heather and Timeline bamf into the room, sedate her and bamf her out to safety.
  • No signs of injury. Take her back to our rooms, not Embassy; orders are to take her out the country via boat.
  • We all go to edge of town, but Cortex can’t MR her while she’s unconscious.
  • Thinks PM is the head of Ajna Syndicate. Went back that night to find out more about Matador; she said he’s international assassin, but didn’t say anything about Ajna. Interrogator (PM) didn’t seem to make connection and she managed to only say she worked with Embassy, not CIA. Chinese man who took her to the room was head of Criminal Organization who worked with Ajna to move drugs. Overhead member of security staff talking about Matador; snuck up to living quarters to where his room might be before getting caught by security.
CASE NO. 81-3001215
Field Report

Bedford, IN

Lawrence County (IN) Sheriff Department Request for Assistance March 4, 1981.

7:42 AM March 2, 1981: Lawrence County Sheriff Department (Local Sheriff) receives emergency call from Johnathan Draves (reporting witness) reporting a body in a roadside field off Highway 37.

7:53 AM: Deputy Paul Roberts (responding officer) arrives at the scene and discovers corpse of Caucasian Male Gary Braun, age 26, identified by Nebraska driver’s license found among deceased’s personal effects. Responding officer reports no apparent cause of death but obvious injury to both eyes resulting in complete destruction.

8:41 AM: Dr. Bradley Sawyer (Medical Examiner) estimates time of death between 9:00 PM and 11:00 PM on March 1, 1981. Field examination reveals no cause of death. Medical Examiner reports no apparent cause/method of removal/destruction of victim’s eyes.

8:55 AM: Reporting witness released.

2:17 PM March 4, 1981: Medical Examiner reports detailed autopsy reveals no apparent cause of death. Detailed examination inconclusive related to missing eyes.

4:42 PM: Local Sheriff requests FBI intervention in the case.


Some text redacted from FBI report.

10:44 AM March 5, 1981: FBI investigators arrive on the scene. TIMELINE report: Retrocognitive viewing shows victim active sometime between 10:00 PM and 2:00 AM. Observed strange phenomenon related to victim’s eyes, which appeared to have strange grayish-purple smoke or flames emanating from them. After a period of intense activity, victim collapses in the same position as it was discovered by Reporting Witness. Viewing also shows the presence of a second individual present at the scene. This individual is between six-feet and six-feet-four-inches tall and wearing cold-weather clothing the prevented visual identification.

Investigator OUTLANDER discovered tracks likely belonging to the second individual leading toward Highway 37. Also discovered tire tracks on the shoulder of Highway 37, likely belonging to three-wheeled, all-terrain vehicle. TIMELINE Retrocognitive viewing confirms unidentified individual—likely male based on height and gait—rode three-wheeled, all-terrain vehicle away from scene on Highway 37 back toward Bedford.

12:37 PM: Examination of the victim’s personal effects revealed camping equipment, $372 in cash, and road maps of llinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. The Indiana road map appears to have been purchased at a service station on Highway 50 near the Indiana/Illinois border.

9:17 PM: Local Sheriff contacts FBI investigators to inform them that two additional bodies have been reported.

9:32 PM: FBI investigators arrive at scene of inactive limestone quarry where bodies were discovered. Chad Davis (16) and Michelle Cray (15) (Second Reporting Witnesses) discovered the bodies of Brian Parker (18) and Marcus Truford (17). Both victims are residents of Bedford and attend Bedford North Lawrence High School. Bodies exhibit apparent bone and tissue damage consistent with physical altercation with an unusual absence of blood loss.

TIMELINE report: Retrocognitive viewing reveals both victims displaying similar phenomenon as previous victim. Victims participating in physical altercation but not exhibiting normal human reaction to blows. Altercation continues until Parker collapses. After two to three seconds of inactivity, Marcus collapses. Unidentified figure from previous crime scene also present in viewing, similarly concealed by heavy clothing and darkness. Pushing perception further back in time, both victims seen diving Parker’s car with the eye phenomenon already occurring. Earliest viewing shows both victims in Parker’s residence.

Using Parker’s keys as a focus, TIMELINE views further back and sees both victims without eye phenomenon exhibiting normal human affect and behavior. They appear to be home alone in Parker’s family home. Eventually Parker walks over and opens the rear door to the house. A succession of projectiles impact Parker’s chest—visibly quite similar to the smoke/flame phenomenon observed on victims’ eyes. He reacts as if in pain but the projectiles do not appear to exert kinetic force. When Parker falls, similar projectiles strike Truford until he falls.

OUTLANDER acquires unidentified figure’s scent and is confident he will be able to identify the figure by scent.

7:00AM March 6, 1981: CORTEX, OUTLANDER, and TIMELINE interview Carl Thompson, coach of the Bedford North Lawrence High School basketball team. Thompson reports that students that are members of sports teams have permanent lockers while other students are not assigned lockers. OUTLANDER is unable to track the suspect by scent to a specific locker, but does confirm that the suspect was recently present. Thompson provides a list of faculty and staff with access to the locker room.

8:00AM: DR. CAFFEY interviews Bryan Lauder of Lawrence County Animal Control regarding recent reports of missing animals or animal carcasses without a clear cause of death. Lauder reports that he has not seen any recent increase in the number of missing animal cases or any unusual deaths reported.

The rest of the investigators attend the Bedford North Lawrence High School assembly in which the faculty announce to the assembled students the deaths of Parker and Truford. Visual surveillance of the gathered students fails to reveal anyone exhibiting an unusual reaction to the news.

11:00AM: The investigators are notified that a student Sarah York (16) was sent to the Vice Principal after her teacher discovered drawings celebrating the deaths of Parker and Truford among her possessions. CORTEX interviews York and discovers that she was the victim of a sexual assault commited by Parker and Truford in 1979. The only other person aware of the assault was her neighbor, Gordon Hughes. TIMELINE checks the attendance records supplied by school administration and discovers that Hughes is not at school.

11:30AM: DR. CAFFEY conducts surveillance on the Hughes’ residence and discovers that Gordon’s parents are afflicted with the same phenomenon TIMELINE witnessed in his retrocognitive viewings. The team teleports into the house and subdues the subject. The parents are already deceased.


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