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  • Matador

    Apprehended by JASOC agents on June 12, 1981 while infiltrating the White House in an apparent attempt to assassinate President Ellerman. Currently being held in an induced coma. Known powers include Desolidification and the ability to blend into shadows. …

  • Prime

    Apparent leader of Dominion. Exhibited supernatural ability in confrontation with JASOC agents. Extent of abilities unknown.

  • Void

    Member of Dominion. SPB status confirmed with mental powers that appear to shield others' minds from mental attacks. Any additional powers unknown.

  • Scanner

    Member of Dominion. Confirmed SPB with mental powers, including Telepathy (confirmed) and likely Mind Scan (unconfirmed).

  • Shift

    Member of Dominion. SPB status suspected. JASOC agents identified an individual male fitting the above description that they suspect took the shape of a rottweiler. Agents confirmed that the canine had a human mind and that the transformation was a true …

  • Candy

    Member of Dominion. She brought Kristin Benner to Dominion. SPB with the ability to manipulate others emotions.

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