Character Creation

The characters will be SPBs that are agents of JASOC. Pretty much any powers are available, although technology will generally be limited to the appropriate time period. However, if someone specifically wants to create a gadgeteer we can probably work that out (along with a logical reason why they wouldn’t just make their tech available to the government they already work for).

The general theme of the campaign is just adding SPBs to the existing events of the early 1980s, so most of the events of the time period will have also happened in the fictional setting.

Character Type Guidelines

Character TypeTotal PointsMatching ComplicationsMaximum Points per Category
Standard Superheroic4007540

Character Design Guidelines

Superheroic CharactersCharacteristic-OrientedSkill-OrientedPower-Oriented
Skills, Perks, and Talents5014050

The Character Design Guidelines are only suggestions. They do not represent any sort of limit, nor is a character required to conform to one of the listed categories.

Character Ability Guidelines

Ability TypeStandard SuperheroicHigh-Powered Superheroic
Combat Value7-138-14
Damage Class6-1410-16
Active Points40-8050-90
Skill Points25-8030-90
Skill Roll11- to 15-11- to 16-
Def / rDef20-25 / 12-1825-35 / 15-30

The Character Ability Guidelines are typical ranges. Most of a character’s abilities should fall within the Standard Superheroic ranges. A few signature abilities can exceed the ranges, but should stay under the upper limit of the High-Powered ranges. If you want an ability above the High-Powered upper limit, you will need GM approval.

Everyman Skills

Native Language (4 points worth, includes literacy)
One PS at 11-
TF: Small Motorized Ground Vehicles
AK: Home state/city/region 8-

Everyman Perks

Computer Link: ARPANET
International Driver’s License
SAR License
Concealed Weapon Permit
Federal Police Powers

Equipment Considerations

Because the campaign is superheroic, characters must pay points for equipment. However, equipment necessary for the completion of a mission will be supplied by the agency that is sponsoring the mission. For instance, if a CIA mission calls for the characters to conduct surveillance, any necessary surveillance equipment will be provided by the CIA for the mission. The exception is weapons and defenses—even if the character only uses government-issued firearms and real-world body armor they must purchase the appropriate power(s).

Characters can purchase equipment with points if they want their own equipment in addition to agency-issued, mission-specific equipment. Equipment is limited to period-appropriate items unless the character is a gadgeteer.

Skill Considerations

To facilitate your characters being assigned to various types of missions, I would like the following skills represented (or simulated by powers—psychometry instead of forensics) by at least one character in the party:

Bugging (Clairsentience)
Criminology (Retrocognitive Clairsentience)
Forensic Medicine (Enhanced Senses)
Interrogation (Telepathy)
SC: Criminal Psychology (Telepathy)
Security Systems

If you are choosing foreign languages, the following are ones that might come up (although it’s fine if no one speaks any of them):

Background Considerations

Based on the setting and when you decide your character was born, you will need to determine how your character participated in recent major events (if at all). Any character that joined JASOC prior to or during the Vietnam Conflict would have been assigned missions for the Army targeting the NVA and Viet Cong. The participation of SBPs did not significantly change the outcome or perception of the conflict. Most protesters in the U.S. generally viewed SBPs that participated even more unfavorably than soldiers.

Due to participation in clandestine operations for CIA and NSA, the characters do not have public identities and in fact will usually have a secret identity. Cover identities will be provided whenever a mission requires interaction with the public, and code names and identity-concealing uniforms will be used whenever a mission calls for the overt use of supernatural abilities. However, if you do want your character to have a public identity, we can probably work that out.

Another responsibility of JASOC is to enforce the Superhuman Registration Act. Each of the characters will be registered, though on a classified portion of the list so any secret identities are safe. If your character would normally oppose something like the SRA, you’ll need to come up with a justification for why s/he joined the agency that enforces it (and “So I can tear it down from within!” isn’t exactly going to make things easy on me).

If you want your character to have joined JASOC from another branch of government service, here are some sample Military Training, Law Enforcement Training, and Espionage Training packages.

Character Creation

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