Current International Hotspots


The Soviet Union’s involvement in Afghanistan and the US backing of the mujaheddin continues. Thus far the Soviets have withheld their SPBs from Afghanistan.


Civil unrest in Egypt continues with the Egyptian Islamic Jihad seeks to overthrow Egypt’s secular government.

Iran-Iraq War

Iraq invaded Iran on September 22, 1980 and the conflict is still ongoing. To date, there has been no overt or reported involvement by SBPs in the conflict.

Northern Ireland

Conflict between the United Kingdom and the Irish Republican Army continues.

Solidarity Movement in Poland

The movement continues to grow in popularity following the Gdansk Agreement. Millions of workers, intellectuals, and students have joined Solidarity to try to force change in government policies. To date, the protests and strikes have been non-violent.


A series of coups in the 1970s led to the appointment of General Arthit Kriang as Prime Minister of Thailand in October 1977. However, the political stabilization of the country has not led to a decrease in the influence of the Ajna Syndicate over the region.

Current International Hotspots

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