Equipment as Powers

As stated in Character Creation, some equipment necessary to specific missions will be provided by the sponsoring Agency and therefore does not need to be purchased with character points (contrary to the norm for Superheroic campaigns). The exceptions are equipment that the character wants to own themselves, and any weapons and armor. For instance, if the CIA tasks the team with planting a bug in the Soviet Embassy in Washington, D.C. they will provide the necessary infiltration equipment and listening devices. If a character wants to have his own listening devices so he can spy on his ex-girlfriend, he will need to purchase them with character points.


For firearms, you do not need to exactly match the published specs of the firearm(s) you want. If your character is such an expert marksman that she does 2d6 damage with a Beretta Model 92 (normally 1d6+1), feel free to buy the 2d6 RKA. However, you probably shouldn’t do more than double the normal damage—I don’t want derringers built as a 5d6 RKA.

If you want your character to do the list damage for whatever weapon he is using, you should buy the power at the level of the biggest gun you will use regularly with the focus being defined as whatever gun you are issued for the mission. If the mission calls for a rifle, you use your 3d6 RKA at the full power. If the mission calls for a Beretta 92, you use your 3d6 RKA at 1d6+1.

As is the norm with Superheroic campaigns, you can pick up someone else’s focus and use it on a very-short-term basis. If a bad guy drops his rocket launcher, you can pick it up and fire it at the bad guy’s helicopter without paying points for the rocket launcher. If you decide you want to keep the rocket launcher, you will have to pay for it.


For defensive equipment, stick to the protection values as published unless your character is a gadgeteer. From the Equipment Guide, characters are limited to normal Kevlar.

Equipment as Powers

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