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  • Prime

    Apparent leader of Dominion. Exhibited supernatural ability in confrontation with JASOC agents. Extent of abilities unknown.

  • Void

    Member of Dominion. SPB status confirmed with mental powers that appear to shield others' minds from mental attacks. Any additional powers unknown.

  • Scanner

    Member of Dominion. Confirmed SPB with mental powers, including Telepathy (confirmed) and likely Mind Scan (unconfirmed).

  • Shift

    Member of Dominion. SPB status suspected. JASOC agents identified an individual male fitting the above description that they suspect took the shape of a rottweiler. Agents confirmed that the canine had a human mind and that the transformation was a true …

  • Candy

    Member of Dominion. She brought Kristin Benner to Dominion. SPB with the ability to manipulate others emotions.

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